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ERP Software for Metal Industry

Metal Industry having a wide variety of products. The main challenge for these manufacturers/traders/ stockiest lies in handling the immense variety of products, and the complexity of maintaining records of inventory, pricing, product code not standardized, availability, producing them within existing capacity etc.

When customers demand more variety, shorter lead times, and lower prices, this industry requires great flexibility while maintaining precise execution. Customers also demand a close relationship and the ability to easily share information on products, orders, changes and design.

Fortunately, MetalBulls ERP software has a variety of unique features that address these problems and help to bring them under control. MetalBulls has been serving customers ERP and CRM products have more features and functions in your industry than any other. Our knowledge-based approach to implementations assures that you will always be paired with people with decades of experience in your business. .

What Makes MetalBulls ERP Unique?

Our CRM software delivers a complete solution that integrates seamlessly with MetalBulls ERP .
Create and maintain accurate estimates, better understanding between costs and pricing.
Handle quotes faster by streamlining quotation preparation.
Customer Order Management
Customer order management handles the creation, maintenance, shipping and invoicing of your customer orders for goods and services.
Enhance customer service and increase inventory turns by replenishing products and materials on time for the required amount without increasing inventory costs.
Purchasing & Requisitions
Handle all aspects of your procurement cycle, including purchase order creation and printing, receiving, vendor quotations, analysis reporting.
Challenges Faced by Metal Industry


  • Low cost competition
  • Need to retain and growing existing customers


  • Thin margins
  • Continued downward product prices
  • Increasing and fluctuating material costs
  • Need to reduce overcapacity and cost


  • Increasing product complexity
  • Moving from standard products to individualized products
  • Dependent on the demands of other industries
  • Production schedules that must match those of the customers
  • Difficulty in demand planning and forecasting


  • Fluctuating raw material prices
  • Unreliable suppliers
  • Poor delivery performance
  • Ability to offer variety to customers to counter price
  • Accuracy of job costs must be improved
  • Need to improve speed to counter foreign low costs
  • Need to reduce operational costs
  • Need to reduce administrative costs
  • Short response times to changing product mix, demand and customer specifications
  • Need to collaborate with customers on product development life cycles
  • High level of documentation that must be managed and tracked
  • Reduce large inventories of raw materials and semi-finished product
  • Need to reduce setup times
  • Need to improve speed to counter foreign low costs
  • Need to outsource
  • Need greater insights into supplier activities
MetalBulls ERP Solution Benefits
  • Responsiveness to changing market demands
  • Ability to offer innovative approaches, products and prices for your customers
  • Control over the complex operations at every level
  • Improved efficiencies across all aspects of the organization
  • Extensive cost reductions (inventory, scrap, procurement) by integrating all aspects of the supply chain.
  • Lower operational costs (errors, rescheduling, productivity)
  • Closely connected customer relationships and service
  • Leaner processes
  • Improved customer fulfillment
  • Higher quality

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