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We stand out for Branding & Promotion, Brand Development, SEO & SEM, SMO & SMM, Digital Marketing Services dedicatedly for Metal Industry.

A unified brand identity presents any company of any size with an instantly recognizable, distinctive, professional image that will position it for success. We create the entire support system of the brand’s logo, color palette, imagery, typography as well as laser-focused brand messages to ensure that the entire system is cohesive and unique.

Why it requires so we can say for your business long-lasting age and for real growth.

Benefits of a Brand Visibility

There are endless benefits of building and maintaining a strong brand. Here are five of the major benefits you can expect to see when you have a strong brand:

Customer Recognition
This means when a customer is buying for a particular product or considering a company to perform a service, they recognize your company in the running. Customers are far more likely to choose a brand that they recognize over something unfamiliar.
Competitive Edge In Market
Your brand is what differentiates you in the marketplace. When customers recognize and back your brand, it helps lend a competitive edge to your company. The more recognition you receive and the more you build your brand, the more you will find that your brand elevates and is competitive with other well-known brands.          
Easy Introduction of New Products
It is often easier and less expensive to introduce new products or test them out before you further invest in them. If you have a loyal brand following, your customers will often be interested in your new products and even anticipate them being released.
Customer Loyalty And Shared Values
The recognition and elevation that a strong brand builds upon all lend to greater customer loyalty. Customers are attracted to brands that they share values with. When you build a strong brand, you need to convey these values to build an emotional connection with customers. Brand loyalty often lasts a lifetime and even transfers to future generations.                      

Enhanced Credibility And Ease Of Purchase
Having a strong, well-known brand enhances your credibility with customers, your industry, and the marketplace as a whole. As you build your credibility, you also build recognition, loyalty, and competitiveness. Everything goes hand-in-hand, and you’ll find that your credibility has a direct connection to customers ease of purchase. We want to buy from companies we like, know, and trust. If your brand is credible, you’re far more likely to get the sale.
Helps Keep Marketing Consistent
Once a business has its branding in place—a company philosophy, marketing, colors, typography, print, website, etc.—it can begin to model the rest of its efforts after it. When there’s “set” branding foundation in place, it makes other choices much easier, and all of the company’s future marketing can branch off of it.


Increase Fan Following & Turns Into Loyalist

Social Media is all about connecting and engaging with people and brands online. It's evident to all of us that social media influence customers mind in creating perception about any and everything our Social Media Optimization (SMO) & Social Media Marketing (SMM) customized services help our clients in achieving better edge over competitors on social media, social branding to create noise, more visibility and increased reach to people on social media resulting in better ROI.

  • Social Page Creation Designing
  • Sharing On Website/Link Buttons
  • Building Social Media Community
  • Rating/Poll About Products & Services
  • Providing Daily Updates To Customers
  • RSS Feeds, Tagging, Bookmarking
  • Spread Information About Our Business Across Various Channels
  • Increase In Social Traffic Promoted For More Sales And Conversion
  • Encouraging Positive Impact On Your Company's Brand Visibility
  • Improving Your Reach By Increasing Connections, Circles, Fans, Followers etc.


Let The Traffic From Search Engines Flow Non- Stop For Your Brand

Search Engine dominates the method of searching and reaching any brand today and if we talk about search engines, out of all the search engines available, Google rules. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) customized solutions for Metal Industry helps our clients to achieve the much required competitive edge, search engine visibility & ranking, more visitors and traffic resulting into better ROI.

  • Analysis, Research & Consulting Services
  • Competitive Analysis
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Services
  • Website Reporting & Analytics
  • Paid & Targeted Campaigns
  • Focused Keyword For Maximum Visibility During Searches
  • High Traffic At Low Investment
  • Unique And Fresh Content Every Week To Promote Your Keywords
  • Detailed Monthly Reports With Comparative Analysis

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Is About Engaging With Audience

Content Marketing is the backbone of search and link building strategies. It is well known that content plays very important role in increasing search visibility, attracting external links, and increasing shareability. A lot of content is spread over internet daily and so the content formats created for your brand should be unique, compelling and it must have a well defined objective

MetalBulls, Being a leading Content marketing Agency has a passionate and equally talented team to curate awesome creative content that is spread across the online platforms. We have team of creative writers, designers, developers to ensure your best piece of content. Our team has helped clients to have the best content strategies for various brands, SME and startup businesses.

Our team will keep continuous track of your content published in various online platforms to monitor any kind of review/comment done by online visitors.

  • Creating Different Types Of Contents
  • Publishing The Content On Relevant Online Platforms
  • Ensuring Sharing And Re-sharing Of The Content
  • Increasing Reach Of The Article With Organic And Paid Method
  • Increase Your Brand's Reach Online
  • Help In Branding And Reputation Building
  • Improve Brand Image Online
  • Improve ROI For Your Brand With Consistency

Reputation Marketing Management

Protecting Your Brand From Negative Publicity

Content Marketing is the online promotion can help in both establishing or destroying one's reputation online within no time. Internet is a huge platform but it is difficult to measure it in terms of its relevant influence on any brand. It works in a very mysterious way for every brand online, for some, it may pull from bad to good but sometime it may be vice versa too. It is because of the huge reach of the internet across the globe. In the era of spreading information online, it becomes very difficult to manage various web and social handles of any brand that represent the reputation.

MetalBulls, being the leading Online Reputation Management (ORM) Company has a strong team to manage reputation without creating chaos, for enhanced brand management, our team will manage the situation with the tactful process. Our team will keep continuous track of your web and social asset to monitor the activity by online visitors. Our focus is to take immediate action to manage your brand reputation on the online platform. Our dedicated and committed team members help you achieve the best results.

Our team will keep continuous track of your content published in various online platforms to monitor any kind of review/comment done by online visitors.

  • Monitoring On All Activities
  • Maximum Consumption of Social Media Platform
  • Active Involvement on Social Blogs And Forums
  • Responding To Negative Customer Reviews
  • Promotion oF Positive Content
  • Create Desirable Online Reputation From The Scratch
  • Remove Deceptive Information About Your Brand From The Online Platform
  • Establish Good Image In Front Of Prospects, Vendors, Investors, Financial Institutions And Employees
  • Hide Information From Unwanted Sources On The Internet.

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